Our Essence

We value timeless over passing trends, artisanal and small-scale manufacturing over soulless  industrial mass production. We value simplicity, and truly believe that less often means more, and better.

In 2014 these thoughts were set in motion by Stró, a Portuguese brand that seeks to give body, texture and colour to collections entirely built by [re]using materials, techniques, patterns and memories that are part of Portuguese culture, tradition, and history, and also of our life.

                                                    Our Process

At every stage of the manufacturing process, it is  essential for us to minimize waste and environmental impact, and to support local communities and small domestic industries.

We are careful about being faithful to our idea of creating and sourcing functional, sustainable and long-lasting products, made with both care and skill, of which every single detail is meticulously well thought-out and harmoniously crafted to serve its precise intention.

We see time as something infinitely scarce, therefore exceedingly precious. Our objects aim to defy its hasty passage by reflecting the quality, passion and serenity placed in its making. By doing so, they will be present in people's lives for many years.

Even though we support and pursue a local way of working and living, we know that what we stand for is shared globally. This is why our products are carefully made to be cherished everywhere.